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The Hatz has been developing and produced special systems on the basis of industrial engines for more than 30 years.

The focus here is on solutions concerning power and energy supply, scalable electricity stations, pumping systems as well as special applications in the maritime and military sector.

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From 2014 onward, a new engine family will extend the Hatz product range: The H-series. Beginning with the water-cooled 4-cylinder 4H50TIC model, with the new generation Hatz is focusing on common rail technology, turbochargers and external exhaust gas return. A pioneering downsizing approach has been pursued in the development of the 4H50TIC.

Ready today for the EU Stage V emission regulation

The demands on engine design are becoming ever greater due to stricter exhaust gas regulations. With the introduction of EU Stage V (according to the proposal of the EU Commission from September 25th, 2014), the permissible emission values are being driven to even lower levels. With its engines in the power range up to 56 kilowatts, Hatz already chose the right technology at an early stage in order to meet these challenges successfully.

Emissions regulation Tier IV and Stage 3B

2013 brought some challenges for manufacturers of off-highway engines. Besides the new emissions standard of the EPA in the US, new standards come into force in the EU as well. The new regulation "Tier IV final" and "EU97/68 Stage 3b" stand for a considerable tightening of the exhaust emissions.

Open Power Unit (OPU)

All types of the new water-cooled 55 kW engine, the Hatz 4H50TIC, are available as a "Open Power Unit". In addition to the standard scope of delivery of the engine, all parts which are required for the operation of the engine are delivered with OPU. These include a radiator and intercooler mounted vibration-decoupled, as well as the appropriate tubing and wiring harness. All parts are installed in the factory during the production process.