Generators (Single Phase)

Whether it is on a building site, in agricultural situations or for garden landscaping, in buildings or on assistance interventions – in fact anywhere where an independent power supply is needed – generating sets from Hatz are the ideal straightforward and reliable power generators. The various designs are used as mains failure solutions, grid in-feed solutions or as permanent power solutions.

Based on the motto “everything is possible”, we offer you the best solution for your application. Our standard range of conventional generating sets covers a performance spectrum from 2 to 35 kVA delivering 230 or 400 V. Various robust engines are available to choose from.

Single Phase

Type Engine Speed Start system El. power Volt Frequency
2.0-2-1/S100  1B20 3000 Recoil start 2.0 kVA 230 V 50 Hz
3.2-2-1/S100  1B30 3000 Recoil start 3.2 kVA 230 V 50 Hz
5.0-2-1/S110  1B40 3000 Recoil start 5.0 kVA 230 V 50 Hz
5.4-2-1/S126  1B50 3000 Recoil start 5.4 kVA 230 V 50 Hz
5.0-2-1/S133Z  1D42Z 3000 Crank handle start 5.0 kVA 230 V 50 Hz
5.4-2-1/S109Z  1D50Z 3000 Crank handle start 5.4 kVA 230 V 50 Hz
7.0-2-1/S73Z  1D81Z 3000 Crank handle start 7.0 kVA 230 V 50 Hz

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