Cogeneration is the simultaneous recovery of mechanical energy, normally converted directly into electricity, and usable heat for heating purposes or process engineering, i.e. process heat. It is thus the extraction of usable heat especially during the production of electricity from combustible fuels. In the majority of cases, cogeneration plants provide heat for heating public and private buildings, or they supply process heat to businesses as an industrial plant. Discharge of unused waste heat into the environment is therefore prevented as far as is possible. Small cogeneration plants, called combined heat and power plants (CHP), are becoming increasingly important for supplying residential areas, multi-family buildings and even one-family houses.

Use of waste heat saves energy costs

The advantage of cogeneration over the separate generation of electrical energy and heat lies in the considerably better utilization of the primary energy source. In modern fossil-fueled condensation powered plants, where the priority is on power generation, up to 60 % the combustible fuel energy used is converted into practically unusable heat. Utilization of this heat in cogeneration plants for heating purposes or other heating applications can increase the overall utilization level to 80 or 90 %, thus enabling achievement in savings of up to 40 % for primary energy costs. The increased use of such technologies can contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions and more efficient use of primary energy reserves. For this reason, legislators in Germany also promote construction of cogeneration plants under the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG) and the Renewable Energy Act (EEG).

Hatz supplies modular, efficient solutions

Hatz combines only the best power plant modules into a cogeneration plant and thus promises the highest overall utilization levels. The modular cogeneration system developed by Hatz is assembled into a sophisticated system for ideally satisfying the widest range of demands. The range of capacities is determined by the customer. In addition to the plant itself, Hatz offers its further competencies as modules, either singly or packaged together: from advice, over the planning, right up to the subsequent completion of periphery systems such as the ducting for exhaust gas and supply/waste air, connection to different thermal consumers, or the entire electric and control systems. Price, performance, economy and ecology – Hatz has set the optimal interaction of these four factors as its goal for every cogeneration project – so that only the best solution for our customers is delivered.

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