Systems for Maritime Applications

Be it for a simple boat, inland waterway vessel or a high sea leviathan – on the basis of its compact and robust diesel engines, Hatz provides different systems for power generation, pumps or complete drive plants, for instance.

Drive trains and systems for maritime applications are developed and conceived for Hatz by the specialists in the Hamburg Center of Excellence. With more than 30 years of experience, the special requirements involved with the deployment on water are met.

Drive Trains

The basis of the maritime systems are air cooled diesel engines that are also certified to Class DNV/GL from the engine plant. Thus, no further conversions are necessary. Hatz diesel engines fulfill the exhaust gas standards based on IMO and BinSchUO and, depending on the requirements concerning noise emissions, can be equipped with the Hatz Silent Pack.

Maritime Drive Trans

Product Range

  • Drive plants up to 50 kW including gearing, controller, shaft and propeller
  • On-board electrical systems up to 30 kW
  • Auxiliary systems (e.g. pumps)
  • Diesel engines for emergency systems such as compressors, pumps and power generation
Maritime TMAX

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